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Dear Los Angeles Resident, 

If you are looking to lose weight without feeling hungry or getting on a specialized diet... this is for YOU. 

If you simply consume fewer calories than you burn your body will burn fat and lose weight...

Use the calculator below to find out EXACTLY how many calories you need to consume to get your desired weight 

Now that you know exactly how many calories you need to consume to achieve your desired weight with certainty in your time frame. 

Pick the meals below that when consumed will get your near or below your needed calories to burn fat and hit your goal. 

For your first week Get ONE FREE meal on us to try this out. 

 Meal  Calories
Braised Beef With Port Wine Sauce 750 Cals

Furikake Salmon

389 cals
Cilantro-Lime Turkey 600 cals

Shrimp Cajun Skewers

336 cals

Grilled Chicken 877 cals

Also, these are delicious meals that actually work (no kidding)...

Infact these are the exact same meals that helped me lose over 50 pounds in under 6 months...

Chef Alvin - C.E.O  

If you are serious about hitting your goal, if you do the math and only consume the calories you need or below you WILL certainly hit your goal. 

And this will be easier than any attempt before...

As we will literally deliver the meals to your doorstep, you heat and eat... 

So you never have to worry about grocery shopping, prepping, making the right portions, cooking and cleaning! 

Our meals will leave you feeling great & energetic, while also hitting your goals!  


1. Pick your meals from the dropdown menu above. 

2. Click 'ADD TO CART' & checkout 


We carefully deliver from our kitchen to your address on your selected delivery day or you can choose to pickup (select your option in cart).

We deliver all over Greater Los Angeles Area.

Order deadline is 12 pm on Wednesdays - order received after deadline might have changes to the menu & delivery dates

Portion Size 

Each meal is enough for one individual & is large in size. Each meal comes in a 28-ounce container. 

Custom Order? Questions or Catering 

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 Meal  Calories
Grilled Chicken with Green Sauce 333 Cals

Lime Grilled Salmon

442 cals
Ground Turkey Peppers 673 cals

Braised Beef

223 cals

Blackened SalmonCajun Shrimp 

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