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Mildred Mason

3 Month Journey

I've been ordering meal prep from Chef Gourmet for about 3 months now. What a difference its made to my health! I get fresh meals delivered every week and I feel fantastic! I feel lighter and I'm losing unwanted weight too. This has been the best choice I made for my meal program. Love it.

Randy Tyler

2 Month Journey

Chef Gourmet is just amazing! What a life saver! I was eating way too much junk and takeaways for my health and it was really dragging me down. After being on their meal prep program I am so much more active and healthy! I feel fantastic! Highly Recommend!!

Edwin MCKenzie

2 Month Journey

I have tried several large food prep companies that frustrated me, since l am a picky eater. I have loved every meal from Chef Gourmet. The meals are healthy, well presented, and fabulous to eat. I feel proud that l am eating so well.


✔ Locally Sourced Quality Ingredients
✔ Free From Sugar
 ✔ All Natural
 ✔ Gluten Free (upon request)


Founded in 2014 we have upheld only the highest standards in preparing delicious and wholesome meals for our valuable clients. Sourcing only the freshest ingredients from local suppliers we have built a reputation of trust amongst our community and customers for delivering quality meals that delight! Select from our rotating menu every week and enjoy the convenience of having your meals delivered to your doorstep.


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